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Lot. 138

KUDO Tetsumi
( 1935-1990 , Japan )

mixed media on panel
signed on the lower right ”Tétsumi KUDO”
33.0×33.0 cm
cir. 1977
Semiha et Juliana Huber Collection, France
HKD : 250,000 - 350,000
( USD 33,000 - 46,000 )  ( JPY 3,500,000 - 4,900,000 )

Price Realized
HKD : 266,200
Kudo Tetsumi (1935-1990) was born in Osaka, grew up in his father’s hometown Aomori, and moved to Okayama until he graduated from high school. He exhibited his works at the Yomiuri Independent Exhibition which was the fortress of post-war avant-garde art while he is studying at Tokyo University of the Arts. Along with Shinohara Ushio and Arakawa Shusaku and others, they became the representative of the "anti-art" generation. In 1962, he was awarded the Grand Prize at the 2nd International Youth Artists’ Exhibition. He lived in Paris and working mainly in Europe for nearly 20 years.
But Kudo did not try to learn in Paris like the former Western painters. Through provocative works and exciting happening, he bravely cut into the most fundamental issues related to human survival, such as sexuality, pollution, nuclear energy, criticizing modern Europe’s humanism (anthropocentrism) from a straight line.
Bloated brain on baby carriages, Male sexual organ swim in aquarium together with small fish, A man meditating with genetic chromosomes for threading in bird cage – Kudo’s work is hideous and creepy, but all his work is symbolic representation of modern society, which does not interact with the occult at all.
The motif of his work always reminds people of “captivity”, like the motifs of this work which are bird cage and spider web. This theme is a warning from Kudo to human beings who are bound by established values, have no freedom to change their own physical functions, and cannot escape the progress of uncontrollable technology like nuclear power. The eyeball is trapped in the bird cage with mirror and spider web, representing the loss of freedom and more standardized value. Kudo’s works draw a doubt on the reason of human society with strong impact and the reason for our existence.

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