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Lot. 162

PAIK Namjun
( 1932-2006 , U.S.A )

mixed media on canvas
antenna bending
signed and dated on the lower part ”Paik 90”
61.0×61.0 cm
private collection, Japan
HKD : 30,000 - 50,000
( USD 3,900 - 6,500 )  ( JPY 420,000 - 700,000 )

Price Realized
HKD : 58,080
Born in Seoul on 20 July 1932, went to Japan with the 1950 Korean War, then graduated from the University of Tokyo’s aesthetics and art history department, and moved to Germany to study contemporary music in 1956. Participated in the international art movement Fluxus after meeting with American experimental musician John Cage and contemporary artist George Machunas. In 1961, he released the world’s first video art work. Announced works such as robot production and TV monitor screens distorted magnetically. Moved to the United States in 1964. Died on 29 January 2006. His name should be written as “Pek Nam-jun”, but the name that was given when he started working in Germany is Nam Jun Paik, which has become established as a nominal.

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