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Lot. 109

( b.1929 , Japan )

stuffed sewn synthetic fabric, feathers, iron, mirror and wood
signed, titled and dated on the reverse ”Yayoi Kusama Butterfly 2001”
with Yayoi Kusama's art work registration card
h72.0×w61.0×d36.0 cm
Christie's, Paris, Contemporary Art, Day Sale, June 10, 2016, Lot 237 A
Private collection
Galerie Pièce Unique, Paris
The artist
HKD : 1,300,000 - 1,800,000
( USD : 170,000 - 230,000 )  ( JPY : 18,000,000 - 25,000,000 )

“SPIRITS OF AGGREGATION” is currently held at Yayoi Kusama Museum, Tokyo.It is a series called “Accumulation” or “Aggregation” that consist of the repeated plain works, expanding the concept of the sculpture like this work, it is a group of works that will soon expand into a series of soft sculptures which is a collection of soft protrusions stuffed with cotton. In 1962, there was a group exhibition at the Green Gallery in New York released a series of works pasted on furniture such as chairs as the first three-dimensional works. Since then, various “Accumulation” works such as works pasted on boats, ladders, shoes, dressers, etc, were produced. This work, the vanity mirror “Butterfly”, was excecuted in 2001. There are blue butterflies created from its wings dancing elegantly, reflecting their exquisite appearances in the mirror. Innumerable phallus-shaped red protrusions erode from the edge of the mirror, and it is reflected in the mirror and seems to proliferate indefinitely. In this work, Kusama links various themes in Kusama’s creation, such as the themes of sexual obsession and infinite repetition, to the natural cycle of life and death. The red fabric of the protrusion is the same as the 3.3m long boat “Repetitive Vision, Phallus Boat” (produced in 2000) that was presented at the Galerie Piece Unique in Paris in 2000. This work is one of four valuable series made from the same fabric.

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